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The Carpenter Technology Corporation Is Now Acquiring LPW Technology

Carpenter Technology Corporation has completed a takeover of LPW Technology. A company that provides advanced metal powders and powder lifecycle management services, LPW Technology is based in the United Kingdom. The company has a decade-long history of providing an extensive range of metal powders, along with the necessary testing and traceability of how these powders […]

3D Bioprinted Lungs – CollPlant and United Therapeutics Corporation Enter into Licensing Agreement

Two major companies, CollPlant and United Therapeutics Corporation, recently announced the intention to enter into a licensing, development and commercialization agreement. The deal between the two companies is focusing on 3D bioprinted lung transplants. It is a partnership that will take advantage of United Therapeutics’ ability to manufacture organs and its expertise in regenerative medicine. […]

3D Printing and U.S. Navy Ships: Affordable Maintenance

Additive manufacturing is taking on an increasingly important role within the United States Navy. The American military has always been known for pushing boundaries and embracing new technology. The Navy’s approach to 3D printing is no different. A major goal in any Navy operations is to improve efficiency and lower the financial impact of specific […]

3D Printed AS350 Parts for Airbus Helicopters

Additive manufacturing may not have gained mainstream consumer attention, but it is becoming a critical component within many industries. The aerospace industry is up there as one of the top beneficiaries from the progression of 3D printing technology. There are already planes and helicopters that feature 3D printed parts flying around the world. Helicopters and […]

Global Analysis: The 3D Printing Technology Market

Most analysis of the 3D Printing Technology Market suggests the industry is heading for significant gains over the next five to seven years. The global 3D printing market had a USD valuation of around $6 billion in 2016. Despite being a relatively young industry, 3D printing had already established significant value, thanks to its application […]