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3D Printed Martian Homes: NASA’s New Contest

NASA is taking an interesting approach towards designing homes for Mars. The United States space agency created a competition where various organizations would design 3D printed homes that could house astronauts who were landing on the planet. 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge The competition’s second phase began in October 2016, when registration opened for participants to enter. […]

Pratt and Whitney to Test 3D Printing for Rotating Engine Parts

Pratt & Whitney is taking the next step in the evolution of 3D printing and product distribution in relation to turbomachinery components. The company is a subdivision of United Technologies Corporation, with a focus on designing, manufacturing and servicing aircraft and helicopter engines. A major team will be involved with the project, which includes Norsk […]

US Citizens Can Now Legally 3D Print and Own Firearms

Beginning on August 1st, anyone in the United States will be able to 3D print a firearm from their home. While most of the news about 3D printing revolves around 3D printed industrial parts manufacturing, this news should have a far bigger impact on the average consumer. The technology to 3D-print guns is not new. […]

3D Printing for NASA Spacecraft

3D printing has come a long way in the past few years. When the first bits of 3D printing technology came into the mainstream, people were skeptical about the practical uses. They dismissed 3D printing as a gimmick that would achieve nothing beyond enthusiast use. But now there are 3D printing companies that are working […]

3D Printing Goes to Space: NASA’s Orion Capsule

NASA’s jump into deep-space is not only a significant step in the space race, but it also has implications for other industries. The 3D printing industry is one that will be watching the events of the coming weeks and months with special interest. The Orion capsule, which NASA is launching in 2019, will feature more […]